About Us

Square Stack was created for Small Business Owners by Small Business Owners.

SquareStack started with a small group of Business Owners, called our SquareStack Circle, who were all concerned with the effect of technology on their industries. Among many concerns, the loudest was the difficulty of integrating all their current technology tools into a universal system.

Bill Furlong, the Founder and CEO of SquareStack, took these concerns and decided to find a solution. Over the last few years he has created and developed the brand new SquareStack “Business Apps Command Center”, a universal gateway for all your technology tools. The SquareStack Circle has stayed involved with the project, creating the basis of our focus groups and and iterative beta testing, as we scale our solution. We invite your feedback too when you join SquareStack.


Meet our SquareStackers, veterans of the digital marketing revolutions and longtime small business owners and operators.

Bill Furlong, CEO   

Bill founded SquareStack in late 2014. He has since been at the forefront of b2b digital media and marketing. Outside of leading the SquareStack team, Bill continues to work with early stage and small business owners in a variety of roles. Recently Bill was on the founding team of Bizo which was acquired by LinkedIn in 2014. He also worked for more than a decade at Crain Communications where he was Managing Director of B2B Magazine and held various sales management roles with the Ad Age Group. Bill is a University of Illinois graduate.

Matt Klein, CTO   

Matthew Klein is a marketing technology leader and software engineer with 20 years of experience growing business opportunities through entrepreneurship and digital technology.

In 1998, Matthew co-founded and became CEO of Generator Corporation. Generator was focused on developing transactional B2B and B2C web applications for enterprise businesses such as Staples, Brunswick, Verizon, 3Com and U.S. Robotics. Prior to becoming CTO of Square Stack, Matthew was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the pioneering digital media-marketing agency, FUOR Digital. In May of 2012, FUOR was acquired by Kelly, Scott & Madison (KSM). Matthew’s leadership at FUOR was instrumental in delivering profitable business growth through digital media advertising campaigns for companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Florida Power & Light, Jimmy Johns, Bahamas Tourism, Herschend Family Entertainment, and Tootsie Roll Industries.

Frank Filippi, Director of Engineering & Development     

Frank is a serial entrepreneur, technology executive, and systems architect with deep experience in optimizing processes and leading teams through the product development process.  He comes to SquareStack from Psycray Corp where he is co-founder.  A Chicago web development firm with development offices on the U of I campus.  As CTO of Psycray he builds B2B and B2C web applications with a deep knowledge in e-commerce.  He also oversees search engine optimization, and digital marketing operations. Frank and Bill have been working together on multiple businesses, over the last two decades.

Jason Ulaszek, Director of UX

Jason is a gifted executive in Experience Design. He is a Designer, Instructor, Tinkerer, Activist. Experienced design evangelist, business engineer and entrepreneur. Founder and Partner in Inzovu. 10+ years in management at Manifest Digital. Adjunct Professor at DePaul College of Computing and Digital Media. University of Northern Iowa graduate. And one huge Cub Fan!

Jordan McCrary, Lead Developer and Technical Project Manager   

Jordan has nearly 10 years of Systems Administration experience that he has integrated with Project Management training and experience to bring an efficient technical flow to the organization. He utilizes various techniques and agile methodologies to direct the development team and ensure the SquareStack platform is always using best code practices.

Peggy Sweeney Furlong, Marketing Director     

Peggy has big agency/brand experience that she leverages to drive Small Business marketing optimization. She has 20+ years in account/client management at leading agencies such as Frankel & Company (now part of Leo Burnett), Slack & Company, Rapp and J. Walter Thompson, along with Redbox in Client Marketing. Indiana University graduate.


SquareStack was inspired by small business owner’s desire to better leverage their technology to help move their organizations forward. The founders of SquareStack created an SMB Owner Collective called the SquareStack Circle, who contributed to focus groups, beta testing and its iterative feedback. We’d like to thank these companies’ CEO’s and partners for all their help as they continue to be our best advocates.

Here at SquareStack, we believe in Small Business and are dedicated to giving back on the street level. We are interested in working with chambers of commerce, business clubs and events, and charities that are directed and run by small business. Please share with us some of your favorite organizations!

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