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We’re excited to have SquareStack featured in the news and getting press coverage of our platform and our people.  Check out where you can find us recently.

SquareStack announces partnership with G2 Business Software Reviews.  Read our press announcement here.

Propellant Ventures is Seed stage venture capital fund that invests in the growth of Chicago and the greater Midwest across a broad range of powerful, diverse, and leading-edge B2B industries such as healthcare, future of work, supply chain, fintech, and edtech.

Squarestack founder Bill Furlong was recently interviewed by Green Industry Pros Podcast “Greenkeepers” on the significant investment business owners are already making for their company as a topic from his book, “Appify Your Business”.

SquareStack is honored to be named an Innovation finalist for the 2019 B2SMB Awards.  We were happy to also be a sponsor and attend this great event.  To learn more, click HERE.

SquareStack is a sponsor of the 2019 BIMS Connnectiv Event this year.   To learn more, click HERE.

SquareStack is proud to have Brian Winters – Director, UX Research and Strategy as a speaker at the 2018 BIMS Event.   To learn more, click HERE.

SquareStack founder Bill Furlong spoke at the Founder Institute’s Founder Hotseat Event.  To learn more, click HERE.

SquareStack Broadcast Summaries

CRM Radio Interview

Barry Moltz

Bill Furlong discusses how business can manage a portfolio of business applications that can also be customized at the user’s discretion with Jim Obermayer.

Small Business Guru Barry Moltz interviews Bill Furlong on the top 10 SMB trends you should know!

Small Business Guru Barry Moltz interviews Bill Furlong on his Small Business Radio Show about the use of apps in business.

Devscale founders Sean and Thomas interview amazing figures and entrepreneurs in Chicago like Bill Furlong!

Appify Your Business Book Coverage

We are excited for the launch of Bill Furlong's book "Appify Your Business" and all of the coverage below.


Written by founder Bill Furlong, Appify Your Business is your guide for finding and employing cloud tech solutions customized to your unique endeavor. Through real-world examples and practical steps, this book helps you take the uncertainty out of your app adaptation for a stress-free, profitable tomorrow.

Named #1 New Seller


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