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SquareStack was created to help Small Business Owners manage their “Stack” of Business Apps.

SquareStack was created by Small Business Owners for Small Business Owners. Our research confirmed that Small to Medium-Size Business Owners (SMBs) strongly embrace App technology — Apps that help with everyday business management like finance, banking, payroll, procurement, HR, marketing, social networks and customer retention. Problem is, using so many business Apps has become painful for SMB Owners. So Square-Stack was created as a real time daily Dashboard to help them leverage their “Stack” of Business Apps.

SMB Owners count on us to be a daily part of their business management process.

Today SMB Owners use SquareStack as their daily Dashboard for managing their business. We designed it to give the SMB Owner a quick snapshot of all of their critical daily functions, plus a window to shared business management content, news, analytics and support — content that SMB Owners will prize as they manage each business day. This sidebar, created within SquareStack for Channel Partners interested with helping your business succeed, can be a critical part of your daily “feed” of information, tips, and business management expertise.

Take a look at how you can use SquareStack to better manage your daily business tasks.

It’s everything you need to keep your daily decisions square in front of you. And we keep it up to date for you continuously.

Read our new Book. And learn how to make Apps work harder for you
The SquareStack revolution has a new guide book: It's called Appify Your Business.
    Written by SquareStack CEO Bill Furlong, it's full of facts and figures that demonstrate how Apps are helping small businesses owners leverage technology.
The book includes:

  • A powerful blueprint for the daily management of a successful small business
  • How to leverage analytics and data to better manage cash flow, and profitabililty,
  • How to use social media and search engines to grow your business.

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