The Future of Work

The Future of Work

The Future of Work

This is the Business Tweet of 2020, IMO:

The Future of Work

How about it? I can absolutely agree with Aaron as my workday is now embedded in business software tools. It is now the required means to the ends to get your work done and to stay connected with your colleagues, customers and partners. In fact after I finish this Google Doc, I will be sending over to our team via Slack. Then on to our Zoho powered newsletter to make its way to an open on your iPhone!

Welcome to SquareStack’s inaugural blog; we hope you are open to reviewing our curated “shares” of how SMB is moving ever more so quickly to adapting to the Cloud. More specifically what we seeing from our platform’s users — in the trenches– of how business apps (read: SaaS solutions) are dominating today’s workflow routines. We will also share how our partners are bundling our solution to market to their end customers. No doubt you get a number of newsletters but we think our unique position in the market should yield some valuable insights and ideas for your enterprise.

In this inaugural posting, I thought it’d be worth sharing what we are hearing about the Pandemic, both from our users and partners but how we as another small business are doing, too. I’d like to start with some of these news items:

“Summing up the short-term impact of the pandemic, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said in April that this year’s crisis had already brought “two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”

“… investors are betting that online habits developed in the lockdown will endure, and that new cloud-based business processes will become entrenched. “No one goes back to using paper and manual processes,” said Dan Springer, chief executive of DocuSign this summer.

With the pandemic forcing the majority of employees to work remotely, it’s no surprise that Business apps have seen a huge rise in sessions (up 105% from Q1 2019) and installs (up 70%). Revenue events are also up 75%, as users opt for premium versions to help ease the transition to working from home. From Adjust’s Q2 App Usage Report.

The old saying “out of crisis comes opportunity” is playing out as we can see. But let’s not forget that running a business is hard work made harder by the impact of Covid-19. We have seen many shutter their firms, others fight through and adapt and even others agilely moving into new businesses serving the crisis environment. Hats off to all who are moving forward day by day.

Please enjoy our first issue here; we will be bringing relevant content regularly on how the Cloud is changing the SMB ecosystem , there will be plenty to talk about. We’d like to hear from you moving forward!

Before you move on be sure to check out this favorite Youtube video about how the “Office” has changed with the advent and rapid growth and adoption of business software! You can bet it will moving even faster post Covid:

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