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What is Squarestack?

Join other small business owners in the SquareStack revolution! Let us organize and curate all your business applications and website links into one secure dashboard. Quickly view all your metrics with only one login, be confident in your new app purchases, and securely share with your team.

SquareStack organizes small and medium business’s software and web applications across the board. With SquareStack you can quickly and easily access all your business applications. Whether it be your social media administration pages, analytics, email, procurement to QuickBooks, or links to your favorite media sites, SquareStack does it all! From a deep dive into analytics to a dip into a link to a vendor’s homepage, SquareStack makes it simple for the busy entrepreneur. It’s also extremely adaptable, add and remove features as you need them.


Say hello to a more productive day

Command Central

Combine and organize all your business apps into one user friendly dashboard. See everything you need in just one glance. Such as number of retweets or unread emails, trends in web sales this week, updates from your team, and tracking a shipment of product.

The “B2B” ITunes for SMB’s

Curate, socialize, and recommend new business apps. Need to buy new software? With SquareStack, you can see all the current reviews from curated review sites as well as fellow business owners. Gain confidence in your purchasing decisions through reviews from other entrepreneurs like you. With a click and drag, your newest business app is in operation!

Grant and manage biz app access to network of contract and on staff workers

Efficiently grant marketing data and financial apps access to your marketing freelancer or part time CFO. Imagine viewing all of your data from one single command post! Share data with contractors, freelancers, and on staff workers.

State of the Art Security with Single User Login

 Save time with a single user login without compromising the safety of your data and online assets. SquareStack’s safety precautions more than meet industry standards.

  • I am completely overwhelmed by the choices I have to make when it comes to my business technology. I don’t trust general reviews and I can’t seem to find the right relevant apps on ITunes for my business.

    Restaurant Owner


Enjoy an easy and fast setup process. The setup has been streamlined by leading technology interface engineers and consumer tech product experts to create a consumer friendly process. Our customer service team will happily walk you through the process, both online and over the phone. Click the buttons below to see what the process will look like.

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    Step One

    Download software to desktop, tablet or phone

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    Step Two

    Click and drag your existing application Icons to your SquareStack admin page.

  • 3

    Step Three

    Select the analytics or pages you want to see on your Command Central Dashboard

  • 4

    Step Four

    Customize your settings from there

  • 5

    Step Five

    Enter all your user name and password information into the master log in page.

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    Step Six

    Select delegations to each application for each team member

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    Step Seven

    Sign Up

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