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The business applications market is one of the most dynamic and growing technology segments. Business owners are being bombarded from every direction with the call to “Appify Your Business!” SquareStack is a solution to managing the overwhelming number of Business Applications and programs needed to run your business. From the smartphone to the Cloud, applications are central to a business. Register for SquareStack to save time and money managing your current Apps and purchasing new ones

Your Stack

Your Stack is your portfolio of business applications that you can customize at your discretion. Use SquareStack’s simple and efficient Command Center to manage all of your enterprise tools.

An Intuitive User Interface to Organize Your Business Apps

Through many iterations with our SquareStack RoundTable of Users, we have introduced an intuitive User Interface. If you can use your existing apps administration tools, you will find it easy to build your Stack and use SquareStack in real time, and relative ease.  From expense management to social media, we help you organize them in one clean interface.

Our App Marketplace and User Reviews

We’ve organized all the best reviews of every Business App you can think of. Easily peruse useful reviews to make educated decisions about your app choices. Many research experts agree that business owners value peer feedback first and foremost, so we created access to reviews from other SquareStack users.

Check out Emarketer’s report here.

Quick Access: Single User Log-in

With SquareStack you only need one sign-in for all your business apps. Login from your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop and instantly see everything that’s happening in your business.


Easily share reports, data, and more with internal and external colleagues using the SquareStack permission tool. No need to worry about safety, SquareStack ensures you have complete control over who can see what at any given time.

Compare to Market

SquareStack expands on the general dashboard software and design elements from such companies as Hootsuite, Domo and other analytics firms. SquareStack isn’t just another social media dashboard, it covers every part of the small business enterprise. While avoiding complicated filtering tools, we created a software solution that gives an executive level view of every facet of the business. Our design interface was inspired by our community of business owners who guided us all the way to our recent market launch.

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