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SquareStack brings everything into a single platform.
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Managing your business is hard enough.  Managing your business apps subscriptions can be even harder. SquareStack provides SMB owners with an all-in-one dashboard to organize and access all your apps which will help you make decisions confidently.

And better decisions mean better business.


Data overload got you down?

You’ve got 74 tabs open. You’re looking for your sticky note with that one password on it.
And you’re going cross-eyed trying to process the numbers all your business apps are spitting out.

These apps should make running your business easier, not leave you tearing your hair out.

And they can, but only if you can actually make sense of your data.
SquareStack is here to help — and we’ll do it all in one tab.

Here's a sample of some of the apps available on SquareStack

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Features to keep you focused on what matters

A straight line from subscription to success


Join us with three easy steps

Step 1: Onboarding

Onboarding is easy! Add each app you use to the SquareStack platform with just a few clicks.

Step 2: Synthesize

See the most important data from every app on one dashboard — spotting patterns is easier than ever.

STEP 3: Succeed

With the right data to guide your decision making, you’re back in the driver’s seat and ready to grow.

By business owners for business owners


  • You didn’t start your business so you could sit in the back office crunching numbers and drowning in data. You did it to share your craft with the world at scale.

  • Every small business owner needs technology to succeed, but most struggle with too much data and not enough meaningful insights from their many different business apps.

  • We get it — we’re a team of longtime business owners. We’ve lived your everyday stresses, and we know how critical data is to your growth.

  • We developed the SquareStack platform to solve for the pain points we’ve felt ourselves. We integrate all your business apps into one dashboard where you can see real-time KPIs and data patterns to drive action.

SquareStack is your back-office go-to for the high-level insights you need to grow your business.

Subscribe today — and get back out front to do what you love.


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