We bring a world of partners together to support Small Business Owners.

The power of SquareStack goes far beyond just organizing your daily business tasks for Small Business. We also deliver valuable information and insights into running your business better. We do that by inviting media partners that specialize in serving your specific business category.

For any Media or Business Association, we provide Channel Partnership programs that create a new solution that you can monetize to your audience or bundle into any membership program you offer. We create bespoke branded solutions “powered by SquareStack” that create new engagement, data and predictive revenue.

If your audience or membership is comprised of SMB’s, SquareStack can build a great new business for you. Call us and we will provide a free, no-risk survey for your audience that will undoubtedly confirm the need for our solution as well as reveal some industry-specific apps that are used by your specific market segment.

For any App Maker or SaaS company targeting Small Business we have partnership programs to consider. We rank and report on the most relevant Apps in over 20+ categories, so minimally be listed in SquareStack categories relevant to your offering. We have an affiliate e-commerce program too, to help sell your App to all of our industry verticals. We even work with partners on offering their service as a prominent weekly or daily promotion in our member and prospect marketing programs.

When you partner with SquareStack, you’re partnering with an entire ecosystem of Small Business success resources and targeting a critical member need if you are a publisher, association or SMB vendor. You’re cutting through the clutter of the mass consumer App Marketplaces of Google Store and App Store/iTunes, if you are a Business App Maker.

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